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GB Telegram Themes For GB Telegram App

GB Telegram Themes For GB Telegram App
GB Telegram Themes For GB Telegram App
These are GB Telegram Themes used for Customization of the GB Telegram App  
• Updated source code to v10.0.4. 
• Added Story 
• Stories and 10 Years of Telegram. 
• Added option to hide 'Create Story' floating button. 
• Added option to hide stories. 
• Added option to hide 'My Stories' and 'Set Emoji Status' from drawer menu. 
• Bug fixes and other minor improvements.
• Fast Download Speed 
• Fast Upload Speed 
• No account Creation Limit 
• New reaction animation, put your finger on the reaction to enjoy the full animation. 
• Added an option to add the Telegram/Plus folder when using the Save to… option. 
• Added an option to change the action when the message is scrolled to the left. Long press on the option to select a different action for your private messages. Added an option to hide reactions from the context menu. 
• Added option to select double tap on message action Long press on option to select different action for your private messages. 
• Added option to always show spoilers. 
• Added an option to disable reaction movement. 
• Fixed the crash problem when accessing channel comments 
• Bug fixes and other minor improvements

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