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What you shouldn't say during sex

My readers the information below  can guide you on when to say what, such as today on what not to ask during sex.

The main aim as to why we guide you here on what not say during sex is to ensure that every partner gets a fruit of intergrity from the other one of his/her love.

Whenever miss understanding appears in a relationship,the partners love bond tend to weaken and  feelings start  to divert  rapidly.

In a continuous  occasion, the partners majorly become less interested in each other and eventually can end up in a divorce.

So do not lose your partner by impossing wicked words that sharply may break your relationship.

Below are some of the kinds of words that we have noted do not show being interested in maintaining your relationship.


Telling your partner about whether she/he bathed during sex means that you are not comfortable with the existing smell around the body of your partner.

Never always bather to ask such questions during sex.

Sayings like such means you do not respect someone and your love with that person will soon weaken because you do not attach a certain degree of integrity to him/her as your best friend always you should know when and where to say something  that makes him/her happy  before throwing any word to him/her.


Since  love is through understanding one's feelings do not always ask whether to kiss or not,as a perfect kiss is a surprising one.Do not wait to be told by your partner to kiss him/her during sex but do when you feel like it is time to do that.

Surprisingly kissing your partner means your really interested in loving him/her without any advice and it comes as a feeling from you.So the kiss will be nice and romantically welcomed.


 As it is always believed that do the right thing at the right time.To ask her age should not be necessary during sex but spare it for his/her birthday party.

Remember do not always ashame your partner to ask the age during sex especially when you know your partner  is older than you. Let age during sex remain as digits and affection become your concern and you will make the best of love.


During sex do not ask about her relationship status as you are the one she deserves that time.

Asking about whether she had a boyfriend shows out that there is something wrong you have detected about her relationship with the past lover she/he had before you. Such  speeches can make you lose your lover to somebody else because your partner will assume you are afraid that he/she is not secure to be in love with you in a relationship.


Ask your lover  about the religion status when he/she is free from that act.Because of sex being a sin to people who are not married according to the bible,  you will worry your lover but if you want your partner  to match with you,ask about the religion after the enjoyment then you discuss about your religion issues.


Do not say your EX's name when you are not prepared to quit the relationship.This is the most terrifying one as it can be the last day you are enjoying your lovers  love.

So always do not say and if you want to say your lovers  name during sex . Then the name should be more familiar with you.

Once you say your EX's name just know  that your in trouble with a warning of divorse as most of them are fond of that.

And for the side of ladies I advise you not to always make divorce a culture to be copied but take time analysing him in how he used to treat you in a relationship this is because it is mostly common for ladies to divorce their men when such a mistake occurs.

 As getting true love is not a one day thing because it might not be a girl lover but somebody he is used to.

Readers thanks for your time and keep following for more as a relationship has different challenges even our guiding articles are many just for you.

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