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 My  readers some of the ethics of a relationship you should know and practice to make you the best relationship expert concerning your relationship with your partner in order  to know what your girl wants as written below.

How to make a girl feel loved

 ✓Do not remain attached to your ex girlfriends when she has really devoted her heart to love you.

This makes her not afraid of loving you and she will love you for life.

✓Do not forsake her when she is not feeling well.This is because your the source of her happiness so your presence or encouragement to her will mean a healing or source of energy.

✓Play some simple game when she is around you as those small jokes resulting from play makes her think about you when she is alone.

✓Give your girl friend a special romantic name that she can use for remembering you as you made her your special person.

✓Always be her happiness  by trying to mime for her songs that she also loves.This strengthens your bond by having something in common.

✓Guys take her friends the same way you treat yours.You should not bridge a big gap between the way you love your friends and the way you love her friends.

✓Give her your undivided attention whenever she is trying to tell you something bad about your relationship.This can help you look for the solution as soon as possible 


✓Telling her that you really love her should not go off from your mind but make it a culture to let her know you really love her.

✓Love her parents like your parents as without them your relationship with her would not be there.

✓Always do not ignore her calls without a serious issue as she knows that your the source of her happiness, so she deserves to hear your voice.

✓Text to her always in a simple and romantic way and do not damp very many words as she might fail to capture the real point.

✓Surprises should overflow and do not stop surprising her as it is a great sign of rememberance.

✓Save her photos to your phone to keep her always in your mind especially when you have less time to talk to her.

✓When you have some money however less they are buy her something to remember your care for her.

✓When you are moving together let her be next to you and do not give her much distance this means you are really in tight bond of love.

✓Make her special to you and do not date girls around her. This kind of dating can make you lose her easily because your not contented with her lowering her diginity down.

✓Do not be a self centered guy who cares about himself and only his property but learn to share property.

✓Girls want you to have a future plan of marrying them as this can make your girl know you want to really end with her.

✓Let her know about your family background by introducing her to your family members to let her know that your ready for her.

✓Take her to a trade Shaw to show her things she has never seen to just give her a  story to tell and remember your happy times.

Thanks for reading stay connected to our website more knowledge in a relationship.

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