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There are some of the signs of a truly dedicated boy lover you should not allow any girl to grab you or to look for another guy to replace him, if you are really interested  in true love making and below are his behaviours with you in a relationship.

Loving boyfriend

✓He can decide to pause his favourite game just to be with you.Attention comes here when he stops the playing as you make  him happy than the game has made him so his life is totally ready for your presence.

✓He will feel jealous about boys trying to date you and  he will always guide you on how to stay away from such.Your partner could be taking you as his priority by trusting you and loving you alone and that drives him also to let you not to cheat on him as  he does to you.

 He may try to advice you to not fall in love with other persons as they can bring problems to your love such as contracting sexually transmitted diseases that can harm your life and bring self blames so he tells you to be away from dating with other people.

✓Your relationship might be tried to break up by people who gossip but he will not give up whatever the case might be.

There are always negative talks that may appear when you are in love with your partner such as your childhood bad character or your wealth status which may arise from either your family members or fellow friends all just to mock your partner or directly trying to break your relationship, but a good  partner may look at your affection but not perfection as no one has a perfect  lifestyle.

✓He makes sure that you always do not get annoyed and has  always to make you happy like a baby.whenever you get impressed or stressed up with  something else he has to know what exactly you are stressed with and what is the solution to be taken so as to bring joy to your love.

✓You will realize that secrets in a relationship are always shared not covered.

The very best indication of a legit lover is the one who shares his hidden information with you and does not let the information for his own but for the good  of you involved in love making,  such information can include your family financial documents.

✓He has to always make sure that your involved in his plans and especially long term goals to archive in a relationship such as buying a car.

 ✓Anywhere the boy goes he does not forget about you and is open to his friends that he has somebody in love with him making him proud about you and sometimes  showing his friends his photos he took with you or telling them stories of how he met you and made you his lover.

✓The boy speaks without covertneness about your relationship to his family members.

✓He does not mine whether you always do makeups to your  face like other girls do, but mines about you be always the same person you are about yourself.

 ✓There is always understanding in the relationship together with a lot of respect not comparison with other couples.

✓He can take you outing or even organise a small birthday party all to just make you happy and stay loved.

✓He does not support for you to get involved in work that spoils your health such as loading and offloading cement from a vehicle and he instead can open for you an alternative business if he has some capital.

✓Surprising gifts may appear in a relationship that can indicate that he truly loves you and thinks about you.Always in love making do not ignore your lovers surprise to you as that person surprises you to make you know that even if he/she is taken up by something else such as daily work but did not forgot to love you or make you feel loved.

✓In ceremonies or church congregations he can introduce you as his bestie because he loves you without covertneness.

✓He can share with you snaps on social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp just to try to show to everyone who sees him on media that he is already occupied by you.

✓He cannot oversee you being at the bad condition but will try always to help you by giving a positive advice that can make you come out of such or buy sometimes physical help such as lifting heavy load to your means of transport such as lifting your property to a motorcycle.

✓There is lovely texting especially in the morning and night to know how you have woken up.As a relationship is full of caring one another's life, Someone can be so much interested to know about your daily well-being as long as that person takes you as being a priority to his/her life.

✓Happy and sad moments are shared together with him in such a kind of moment and it indicates that he is ever with you for your good and bad times.

✓Opportunity  to another chance is given whenever a mistake is made by one partner and not denied when a partner inquires and is wholesomely forgiven.

✓He has to always look at you as his unique dream has truly come to pass and takes you as a special gift that God has given him.

✓However restricted he is,he has to always look for ways to communicate with you.

Communication is most necessary to lovers as it strengthens your love by letting you know how each one is living in the place he/she is.

✓He gives you his undivided attention trying to capture what exactly you are letting him to know.

✓He always prevents relationship breakups by having time to guide and counsel you as a way of shaping you as a woman of high integrity to be.

✓The boy can introduce you to learn how to play his favourite game incase the girl lover does not know how to play the game all to let you share with him happiness  together. 


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